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Once registered you will be able to complete a brief, 15 question assessment that will help you decide if you should seek further evaluation or treatment for your symptoms. The ADHD Severity Scale-Adult is designed to help you better communicate your symptoms with your physician, psychologist or health care provider. The survey takes just 5 minutes to complete.

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If You Improve Your Diet, Will Your Mental Health Improve?

Posted Oct. 2, 2017 by Dr. Henry J. Svec

This question is the one answered by researchers in Australia, and the simple reply is “Yes it will.” What is fascinating about this latest research is the fact that they have conclusively proved with a random study that a certain type of diet is helpful to reduce severe depression.


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What is eTrack?

eTrack is a program designed with the sole purpose of placing the patient in charge of their ADHD treatment. The program is flexible and can be accessed through your computer via email, mobile phone, BlackBerry® or iPhone®. eTrack will create your own unique profile and will ask you between 3-5 questions about ADHD symptoms or side effects each time you log in to your account. The information you enter is captured in real time and displayed on a chart to be printed and shared with your doctor to show your progress between visits. You can also invite others to use eTrack to chart your progress. You may choose to invite your child's teachers, a spouse or anyone who plays an important role on your support team. It only takes one to three minutes per day to chart your symptoms and you can chart as much as twice a day 7 days a week! An educational library folder is also provided inside eTrack whereby disease information and other educational communications are sent exclusively to your eTrack inbox.

Who Developed eTrack?

eTrack was developed by Dr. Henry Svec, a licensed clinical psychologist who maintains a practice in South Western Ontario. Dr. Svec specializes in the assessment and treatment of ADHD and is interested in finding effective ways to help patients understand responsible medication management as part of a multimodal approach to long term success. Dr. Svec is also the author of a weekly newsletter about ADHD and each week can be heard on his iTunes Podcast "Winning with ADHD". To learn more or to contact Dr. Svec please visit his website .

How do I use this information with my Doctor?

The information is for you and only you decide who you would like to share this with. However, your physician is an essential part of your success and eTrack can be an effective tool to help you articulate your successes or challenges. Traditionally when visiting your doctor you will be asked "How have you been feeling?" This would be the time to show your physician your progress since your last visit.

How Confidential is this Process?

eTrack is completely confidential. All of the information stored is done so in keeping with all privacy laws in Canada. You are the only one who decides if and how your information is shared. Anyone you invite into your account such as teachers will not see any data that you have entered. They are only allowed to put information into the system to provide you with a different perspective.

How do I use this information with others?

If you wish, you can invite others to chart your progress on a regular basis. Building your own support team and inviting others to actively participate in your treatment allows them to assess how you are doing compared to a one time check-list that is often used. If the teacher refuses or doesn't chart regularly speak with them and encourage them to do so. Once charted you can share the information at parent-teacher conferences or show your physician. Only you can decide if and what information is shared.

Can charting itself help manage my symptoms?

By charting your ability to focus and the quality of your work, you will improve your self monitoring skills. This is vital when evaluating your treatment strategies to monitor your productivity and success. Charting and self-monitoring are part of any successful treatment program for ADHD.

What is the Education Library?

The Education Library is intended to provide you with updated information to help you better manage symptoms and keep current with new strategies that help to maximize your ADHD treatment success. eTrack will automatically send these communications to your inbox. The information is created by professional ADHD life coaches and is in no way promotional.